Six Sigma Green Belt Programme

Six Sigma Green Belt Programme

Sustainable Business Improvements depends on people at all levels within the organisation understanding the Why and How. Green Belt delegates tackle improvement projects that lead to significant performance improvements within their organisation. In-comm has trained Hundreds of Green Belts across the UK to tackle problems effectively. Many In-Comm delegates have helped their organisations make dramatic improvements in performance.

Green Belts should process the drive to deliver improvement projects within the organisation. They should possess the potential and ability to quickly develop an understanding of the processes to be improved, as well as having good communication skills, Green Belts must have the capability to develop effective teams.

They will be motivated and always strive for excellence. The programme is suitable for team leaders and supervisors taking their first steps into Lean Business Improvements.
The programme has been designed for anyone who has been tasked with delivering improvement projects within their own areas of responsibility, and those who need a detailed understanding of the key tools and methodologies involved in Lean Six Sigma.

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This programme enables delegates to become effective Lean Six Sigma Green Belts capable of running improvement projects within their own areas of responsibility.


Delegates will learn to:
● Support the introduction of Lean Six Sigma into your organization.
● Tackle Business Improvement projects successfully.
● Lead Improvement teams and engages them in the Lean Improvement Process.
● Support Black Belts on strategic improvement projects.
● Use proven tools and methods to achieve sustainability improvement.
● Influence stakeholders to effectively manage the change process.
● Ensure results are shared with peers and associates.


The programme is 5 days duration covering Lean Six Sigma methodologies and key tools, consultancy and working with the Green Belt on improvement projects.

Programme Includes:

Introduction to structured Business Improvements

  • Explains the background and basic ideas behind the Lean Six Sigma approach.
  • Successfully identify, select and launch improvement project.
  • Understand the relationship between process and financial performance.

Launching your project

  • Use proven methodologies to plan an improvement project.
  • Identify and manage organisation stakeholders during the project.
  • Analysis the voice of the customer, Internal and External to determine what customers really want.

Measuring and modeling processes

  •  Ensure measurement data is valid to precisely pinpoint process weaknesses.
  • Value Stream Mapping to understand processes and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Decide project data required, data collection and analysis.
  • Measure process performance to establish baseline.

Data Analysis and Waste Identification

  • Identify Waste within the process to drive efficiency improvements.
  • Decide where and how to take short term improvement actions.
  • Decide where to focus improvement effort for best results.

Process Improvement and Optimisation

  • Identify new ideas using a structured approach to creativity.
  • Utilise design of experiments to truly optimise a process.
  • Use pilots and trials to evaluate new ideas.

Controlling and Sustaining the Gains

  • Develop control plans to sustain gains.
  • Use structured methods to identify and reduce risk.


  • Analysis data using Minitab software.

The programme is a combination of training room teaching, individual and group activities, live data collection and action plans to achieve measureable improvement within the chosen project.
Upon successful completion of the programme and passing a short exam delegates will receive an In-Comm Green Belt certificate of training excellence award.

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