Six Sigma Champion

Six Sigma Champion

This programme is for Senior Managers supporting sustainable improvements as Champions within their organisation. Champions understand how Lean Six Sigma can improve their organisations performance and how to deploy its methodologies. The Champion role is to facilitate a corporate culture of change, achieve alignment of major stakeholders and ensure the required resources are in place to create a sustainable improvement initiative.

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This programme is designed to give a clear understanding of what Lean Six Sigma is and explains how to create a sustainable approach to improvements within an organisation. The programme enables Champions to understand the benefits that Lean Six Sigma brings, and links between process and financial performance.


Delegates will learn to:
● Define the business case for the Lean Six Sigma approach.
● Quantify the links between process and financial performance.
● Recognise the role of the champion within an improvement programme.
● Encourage the human behaviour and culture likely to succeed.
● Deploy Lean Six Sigma into an organisation using a six stage approach.
● Create the infrastructure required to support the deployment.


The programme is of 2 days duration and covers why Lean Six Sigma in successful, gives an explanation of the components of a Lean Six Sigma programmes and covers how to deploy Lean Six Sigma into an organisation.

The course includes how to develop a plan of action for organisation improvement, and delegates are encouraged to share experiences from within their own organisation.

Programme Includes:

The Business Case for Lean Six Sigma

  • Introduction of Lean Six Sigma
  • Linking improvement activity to business strategy
  • Understanding the relationship between process and financial performance

Lean Six Sigma in Detail

  • Basic concepts of waste and variability
  • The people, projects and process framework
  • Overview of DMAIC

Deploying Lean Six Sigma

  • Framework for development
  • Success factors for sustainability
  • Understanding resistance and managing change

The Champion’s Role

  • Project identification, launch and tracking
  • Measuring project results.
  • Selecting and developing belts

Creating an Action Plan

  • Assessing organisations current state
  • Developing individual and organisation plans
  • Gaining commitment

The programme is a mixture of training room teaching, individual and group
During the course delegates will be encouraged to discuss the applicability of the
Lean Six Sigma approach within their own organisation.
Upon successful course completion delegates will receive a certificate of training

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