About Us

In August 2015 the Marches LEP hosted the inaugural meeting of the Advanced Manufacturing companies at Grainger and Worrall’s Bridgnorth facility.  In this meeting, executives from major Shropshire based engineering companies confimed that there is an overarching skills gap in the existing and future workforce and that is something is not done to close the gap, businesses would just cannibalise each other’s workforce.

The LEP conducted a broader survey and determined that the best use of available £2.9m skills capital funding was to apportion it to the advanced manufacturing sector.  Following broad stakeholder meetings, four companies formed a coalition to bid for and be awarded £1.9m of the fund, to develop a new facility at Stanmore in Bridgnorth.  The MCMT – Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology (CIC) was formed by Grainger & Worrall Ltd, Classic Motor Cars Ltd, Salop Design & Engineering Ltd and In-Comm Training & Business Services Ltd.

The overview for the centre is to be a Shropshire centric Industry led, Advanced Engineering & Automotive Training Centre.  The centre has been set up to reverse the skills and competency gap and to re-shore the current training opportunities to the Marches and help support industry in achieving private and economic growth.

Vision: “Inspiring Engineers for a changing World”

Mission: Establishing an Industry Led World Class Manufacturing & Technology Centre.  Bringing together learners, employers and stakeholders in the Marches.  Delivering lifelong engineering skills and competencies.